Don't just take my word for it!!  See what other happily satisfied clients are saying about Paige Jellison Fitness.



"I've lost over 50 pounds in the past 9 months by doing lots of cardio on the arc trainer and by running, along with lifting light weights.  Losing weight is definitely not an easy thing to do, but with the right people helping you it is very achievable, Paige Jellison is one of those people.  She has always encouraged and inspired me by her actions.  She has been an amazing motivator, friend, and coach.  Without Paige pushing me and helping me through my struggles, I don't know if I could have made it this far in my fitness journey."

-- Emilie --

Before/After Emilie


"In 2011, I thought i was fit, seemed healthy, felt good so why workout right?  I actually smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, drank diet Coke from morning to night and ate fast food pretty much every single day.  Then my best friend introduced me to Paige Jellison and Body Temple Fitness Studio.  With the guidance and motivation from Paige in our weekly training sessions and A LOT of hard work and dedication, I became very strong, fit, and focused on my body.  Not being thin, but being healthy and strong!!!!  5 and a half years now smoke free, no more pop, and I try to be conscientious of what I eat!  YOU can do it if you want it!!  Thank you Paige and my Body Temple family!!!  I can't imagine my life without YOU ALL!!!"

-- Toni Bailey --

Before/After Toni


"Four years ago I got a call from a friend to join him for lunch.  After we finished he invited me to check out this cool workout facility he was using.  It was then that I met Paige for the first time.  I spoke with her about my goals and from that point on I was hooked and never looked back!!  I have trained with Paige for four straight years now.  Twice a week, weight training/cardio with Paige and twice a week spinning class.  Bottom line, Paige and the many friends I've made at Body Temple have changed my life."

-- Matt --


"Seven years ago when I met Paige I struggled with my weight and with eating.  I had a common misconception that lifting weights would make me bulky.  After working out for a year with her I went from a size 12 to a size 1 and lost half my body fat.  In this time, Paige not only taught me how to train but also how to transform my eating habits.  With Paige's help, I now have the tools to maintain this healthy lifestyle.  I have managed to keep the weight off for six years and now have become a personal trainer myself.  Paige is a great motivating, personal trainer and I'm so thankful she came into my life!!"

-- Stephanie --


Paige got me over the wall that kept stopping me from leaning out! I’ve always been tall and heavy, so leaning up has always been my goal. Id often go on workout sprees for 8-10 weeks, losing around 10-15 Ibs each time, but my motivation would end and I would eventually put back on the weight I lost, sometimes even more. I was a bit hesitant having a women trainer, I didn’t know what to expect, but she blew me away! The workouts were very intense and kept my heart racing! She set up my macros and created a workout just for me and my specific goal. I never thought I would drop 21.5 pounds in 6 weeks! Paige was always there with me, pushing me to my goal. She always reminded me to feed my body with healthy nutrition and always helped me out when I had questions. If you need a trainer to kick you into shape, and reach your goal, I highly recommend Paige! I will continue to use her as I continue to build my body and reach my goals!

-- Luke --